I’m Sorry I Didn’t Make You a Burger at my BBQ // Vomit Girls

Just because I wear lipstick 
doesn’t mean I wanna kiss you 
Just because I’m wearing a dress 
Doesn’t mean that you can touch me 

I can kiss ten boys, I can kiss one boy, 
it shouldn’t matter to you 
I can sleep with whoever wherever whenever 
it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be with you 

If I’m getting dressed up 
or putting on my makeup 
even if I’m messed up 
it doesn’t give you the right 

I can wear short skirts, I can wear t shirts, 
it doesn’t mean I’m asking for it 
I should feel safe with what I wear without people calling at me




I’m not posting this ironically or as a joke. I think this is an important part of love and trust.


I’m not posting this ironically or as a joke. I think this is an important part of love and trust.

This is literally my first post on this blog in 4 months

That’s KraZy


this is the greatest thing ever


He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)







Good Secret Bad Secret - Girls Handclapping Song! (by createfuturegood)

Protect girls against abuse

Get it girls! Let em know.

Go on girls. If this ain’t revolutionary then idk what is!

saving this because i will teach my future student s well

protect all kids against abuse.

this may be the most amazing thing i have ever watched in my life


Derping and posing.


Derping and posing.



cute story: I have a friend with a prosthetic arm, and he once confided in me that, after seeing this movie, he’s always wanted someone to ask him for this. Then, the one day, I was at the grocery store with him and a couple other people, and one of our friends couldn’t reach a box on the shelf and asked him, “Dude gimme a hand here”. And, I swear to christ he practiced this because the speed at which he slipped off his prosthesis was blinding, and then he hurled his arm at her. He, unfortunately, got a tad overexcited, and instead of it just landing near her, it spun out and essentially bitchslapped her in mid-air.
Now we say it all the time around him, and he blames Disney for the fact that he has no girlfriend.


if anyone ever calls you a slut just say ‘and yet i still won’t fuck you’ and then blow them a kiss as you saunter away because that’s the closest they’re ever gonna get to your magnificence, o smaug, chiefest and greatest of calamaties





do i have a crush on you or am i just lonely

do i like you or do i like that you like me

do I like you or do I like the idea of you

do i want to be in a relationship or do i just want to prove that i’m worthy of one


We’ve become bored with watching actors give us phony emotions. We are tired of pyrotechnics and special effects.